Doug "WCGRider" Polk Brings The Pain - Beats Denoking for $736.6k

WCGRider cruises to the top of the highstakes NLHE winners list for 2014 after his big win over Denoking yesterday

After losing $229k to Denoking over the weekend, Doug "WCGRider" Polk was keen to get back in action with the Swedish NLHE specialist. Last night the 'Rider most certainly fulfilled his earlier prophecy to "Bring the pain", as he inflicted a $736.6k beating on his opponent at the $200/$400 tables.

The match started around 4pm and lasted for nine solid hours, and despite some big swings, it was Polk who controlled the action from start to finish, never once falling behind throughout the entire match.

Say what you like about Denoking but he is nothing but entertaining and you know a match of any length with him involved will feature plenty of big pots. And so it came to pass that over the match, no less than 14 six figure pots were contested, with two over $300k.

Polk looked like he was running away with the match on several occasions, but all credit to Denoking as he twice made big comebacks. After 3hr 45 mins play, WCGRider was already up $1/2m, but Denoking took him back down to +$250k in a well under an hour. Once again WCGRider piled on the pressure, this time reaching +$651k after six and a half hours play. This time it took Denoking just an hour and a half to take back over $430k of this deficit. In both comebacks, Denoking was aided by winning some of the day's biggest pots:

A rare passively played hand from Denoking works like a charm as he induces three streets of bluffing from WCGRider, which he is able to pick off with top two pair - $201.2k pot

WCGRider is again the aggressor, although this time he has legitimate outs with a flopped flush draw with inside straight draw. Denoking is not about to fold with a flopped set of 8's however, and none of Polk's outs materialise, sending this $338.8k pot to Denoking

This was, however, the last hurrah for the Swede as WCGRider really did "Bring the pain" over the last hour and a quarter, pummelling his opponent on his way to his final tally of $736.6k profit. Along the way he was also able to wrestle the day's biggest pot honours from Denoking:

Standard cooler in a non standard sized pot as WCGRider's AA trumps Denoking's KK to take this $382.8k pot

As Denoking offered up a "wp gg cya", an indignant Doug Polk reminded Denoking that once again he was leaving the table having stolen his button. I guess after losing nearly $3/4m a couple of hundred extra shouldn't really have been too much of problem!

I caught up with Doug after the match to see if he had any comments. Mr Polk magnanimously offered up, "It was pretty soft, I hope to get action that good moving forward"

So do we Doug, so do we.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

WCGRider +$736.6k

DaLung +$45.9k

Follow The Hawk +$44.8k

bixiu +$37.5k

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