SanIker Wins $198k at Triple Draw

SanIker was yesterday's biggest winner after a near $200k win atthe 2-7 TD tables yesterday morning

German pro SanIker was the day's biggest winner at Full Tilt's high stakes tables, winning $197.9k at the 2-7 TD tables.

All of SanIker's winnings came during the morning sessions, with the vast majority of his profit coming from a $173.9k win at table Upper, where he played against the likes of samrostan, PostflopAction, Polarizing, Osama_no_Brunch, Gus Hansen, Kagome Kagome, and Trueteller. The remainder of SanIker's winnings came from a smaller win at another TD table played towards the end of the session at table Upper.

The second biggest winner from yesterday's games came from the PLO and TD tables of PokerStars, as Rui "PepperoniF" Cao ended the day up $177.8k.

PepperoniF took most of his profits from the $500/$1000 2-7 TD tables, where he won $118k. The remainder of his profits came from several sessions of $50/$100, and $100/$200 PLO.

Isildur1 looked like he might be on for a big day after going up nearly $500k yesterday afternoon after some successful TD and 8-Game sessions. He started the day with a $226k heads-up win over Kagome Kagome from a 2.5hr game at the 2-7 TD tables. After small FLO8 loss, Isildur1 went on to win over $100k during some early afternoon sessions at the 8-Game tables againts FinddaGrind and PostflopAction.

Blom then moved onto another heads-up TD session, this time against taktloss47. The game started well for the Full Tilt pro, as he went up $170k within 40 minutes, only for his German rival to fight back well, hitting a $370k upswing to end the 2.5 hour match up $163.9k. Isildur1 meanwhile, had to settle for a $123k total profit yesterday.

The final big winner yesterday was Gus Hansen, who made all of his profit from a mere 16 hands of play at $2k/$4k 2-7 TD table Hunt during a mid-morning session. Hansen only played a total of 109 hands yesterday, and after small losses at other TD tables, ended the day up $105k.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

SanIker +$197.9k

PepperoniF +$177.8k

taktloss47 +$163k

Isildur1 +$123k

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