Big Winners In All The Games

thecortster topped a long list of six figure winners after his big 2-7 Triple Draw session yesterday morning

For once there wasn't a single poker variant which dominated proceedings yesterday, as we saw big games at the 2-7 TD, FLO8, NLHE, and 8-Game tables, with decent winners at each.

The day's biggest winner was thecortster, who made all of his profit in his first session of the day at the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables. He won a hge $373.9k from 319 hands at table Upper early yesterday morning. The biggest loser from the session with a $313k loss was Gus Hansen. Other players at the tables included SanIker, Trueteller, and Alexonmoon.

Alexonmoon also made a profit at the 2-7 TD tables, but earned most of his $139.1k win at the 8-Game tables playing against punting-peddler, samrostan, Crazy Elior, Gus Hansen, and Niki Jedlicka.

The other winner from the 2-7 TD tables was taktloss47, who overcame some early losses to finish strongly with a $201.9k session at table Gaines. He ended the day with a $128.8k profit.

Over at the $100/$200 NLHE tables, JaeggerJack got his own back after his loss to Denoking on Wednesday, with a $220k win after a lengthy 6.5k afternoon 3-tabling session against the NLHE giant. JaeggerJack was able to overcome an early six figure deficit to win consistently for most of the afternoon. He also took down the biggest pot of the match:

JaeggerJack turns two pair and goes for broke, putting Denoking all in on the river. He gets the call he wanted and scooped this $133.8k pot

The other big winner yesterday was KPR16, who won his $145.7k in just 17 minutes of play at the $2k/$4k FLO8 tables against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom. Their first match started at just past 6pm and lasted just 7 minutes and 24 hands, with KPR16 winning $49.3k. The pair played another 30 hands around an hour later, with KPR16 adding another $96.4k to his profit after winning almost every hand.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

thecortster +$239.4k

JaeggerJack +$220k

KPR16 +$145.7k

Alexonmoon +$139.1k

taktloss47 +$128.8k

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