Big Win For Isildur1 - Up Nearly $1m In last 24 Hours

Finally another big win for Isildur1 after some bad times at the tables this summer

After a terrible past 30 days, Full Tilt Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has finally made another big score to please his fans and boost his bankroll, ended yesterday with a $617.9k win.

All of the big action for Blom took place from late afternoon through to the early hours at the $1.5k/$3k 8-Game tables. He started the session with a decent three hour upswing which saw him establish a $250k profit by around 8pm. However, by midnight he was back in the hole, down over $50k for the day.

At this point it looked like Dan "jungleman12" Cates was on his way to another big score as he hit the $600k profit mark around 10pm. From then on, however, it was downhill for the US pro as Isildur1 turned on the gas during the final few hours of the day.

In particular Isildur1 won big at table Khan, winning $494k before quitting the table shortly before 3am. It was at this table that Isildur1 took down the two biggest pots of the day, both at the expense of the jungleman:

Isildur1 hits the nuts straight on the turn and plays his hand well, betting out but opting to just call jungleman12's raise. He finally traps his opponent on the river, check-raising him all in after jungleman12 had commited himself with another big bet - $372.3k pot

jungleman12 calls down Isildur1 once again after the latter turned a set and rivered a full house - $131.8k pot

For the last hour or so of the evening sessions, Isildur1 continued to play heads-up with Gus Hansen after jungleman12 retired for the day, still in profit, but by just $57.8k.

The other big winner from the 8-Game was PostflopAction who continues a good week with a $278.5k win. The Russian pro played consistently throughout the day, putting in over 13 hours. His biggest win was a $159.5k win from a 2.5 hour late morning session.

Trueteller also bagged a six figure profit yesterday, although this time it was from the NLHE tables. He took on BedoliFE heads-up over several tables of $100/$200, winning $114.8k from 869 hands in an early afternoon session.

The action at the 8-Game tables is still actually ongoing from last night, with Hansen and Blom being joined by several others as the day progresses. Currently Isildur1 is up over $300k so far today and is closing in on $1m profit over the last 24 hours. We'll see how that pans out in tomorrow's report.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$617.9k

PostflopAction +$278.5k

Trueteller +$114.8k

jungleman12 +$57.8k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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