SanIker Starts To Gain Momentum Again

SanIker recovered some of his July form yesterday with a $321.9k win at Full Tilt's Triple Draw tables

After his big upswing during the last half of July, German pro SanIker has suffered something of a downsing over the last week or so. However, over the last couple of days he has made some progress, winning over $100k from Monday and Tuesday's games. Yesterday he was back on top of the daily leaderboard with a $321.9k win.

All SanIker's profits came from the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, where he won six figure sums at two tables of $2k/$4k where he played against samrostan, thecortster, and Follow The Hawk for just under two hours. He won a total of $286k during the session.

SanIker dropped down in limits later in the day to win a further $35k from AthaCliath at the $500/$1000 limits.

Gus Hansen continued his successful comeback at the virtual felt as he won another $117.9k at the 8-Game tables. Gus won five figure sums at three tables over a total of 2.5 hours played yesterday against the likes of punting-peddler and PostflopAction. Hansen is now up over $725k this week.

The other six figure winner yesterday was Ola "no_Ola" Amundsgaard, who won $107.6k after a successful outing at the $500/$1000 CAP PLO tables yesterday afternoon. He played against Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene and samrostan during the 39 minute session.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

SanIker +$321.9k

Gus Hansen +$117.9k

no_Ola +$107.6k

bigpimponlin +$59.9k

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