Massive Action at the Triple Draw and PLO tables

Follow The Hawk won nearly $1/2m yesterday, with big scores at the 2-7 TD and PLO tables

The biggest stakes 2-7 Triple Draw and PLO tables were awash with action yesterday with plenty of big names lining up to battle it out for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the end there were three big winners in Follow The Hawk, SanIker, and Bttech86.

The biggest winner was Follow The Hawk who had a great day at both the TD and PLO tables. He started the day well with a $167.8k win from over five hours play at $2k/$4k 2-7 TD table Hunt, winning another six figure sum in the late afternoon at table Brain, ending up nearly $290k to the good at the TD games.

During the evening $500/$1000 CAP PLO games, which were started off by Isildur1 and Bttech86, Follow The Hawk had a $197k session at table Grand playing against the likes of Isildur1, Bttech86, samrostan, Ingenious89, and mikki696. In total he won $211.7k at the PLO tables, topping the daily leaderboard with a total win of $498.3k. Follow The Hawk also won the biggest pot of the day at the PLO tables:

Isildur1 is a little unlucky in this three way all in having flopped a set of Jacks. With all the money in the middle, Follow The Hawk turns the nut-flush to take this $124k pot

Not far behind Follow The Hawk was the seemingly unstoppable SanIker once again crushed at the 2-7 TD tables, winning at every table he played over an 8 hour period, including table sessions of +$171.9k and $140.3k on his way to a $409.6k profit. SanIker has now won over $1.8m in the Triple Draw games over the last two weeks.

Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene was the other big winner yesterday, taking all of his $302.4k from the late night $500/$1000 CAP PLO games.

Most of Tollerene's profits came from heads-up sessions with Isildur1. The sessions were typically swingy, with players swapping leads in their epic battles several times. Eventually a huge rush for Bttech86 during the final stages of play were decisive. Isildur1 went from over $300k up on the day to down $211k, and Bttech86 went from a $240k deficit to a $300k profit. There was certainly some run-good at play during the match, with Bttech86 running a little over $200k above EV.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Follow The Hawk +$498.3k

SanIker +$409.6k

Bttech86 +$302.4k

Alexonmoon +$81.7k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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