Greg Merson Explains WPT Outburst, Poker Game Breaks out in L.A Traffic Jam

Greg Merson

A few weeks back, Greg Merson took to social media to divulge his discontent at the fact the World Poker Tour (WPT) had scheduled an event during Day 1 of this year’s WSOP Main Event, which ruffled a few feathers.

The likes of Global Poker Index (GPI) CEO Alex Dreyfus, famed online nosebleeds star Brian Hastings and even Merson’s own room-mate Christian Harder – who ironically final tabled the very WPT500 event that Merson was bemoaning – all spoke out in opposition of the former world champion’s tirade:

Merson: “The main event is our Super Bowl, save your 5 day re-entry money grab for another date. Just a desperate attempt by a company trying to hold onto a glimmer of the spotlight as they have continued to slid since 2006 #showers.”

However, Merson has since responded with some class, taking to Facebook to explain the reasoning behind his views – which he was adamant were his own and nothing to do with the fact he was about to be signed as a sponsored professional by WSOP. Here’s a glimpse of what he had to say:

For partypoker/WPT to poach the traffic for the biggest event of the year was a little grimy. Let’s see how they would feel about WSOP putting a $500 bracelet event the same days and in same city as there WPT championship. It mostly comes down to the fact that the 3 major tours fight for the same players and should be working together and not against each other.”

“We can’t have tours fighting over the same players. We need them to work together to not schedule stuff on the same dates so that fields are large which helps promote the game.”

“OF COURSE competition is important for any industry to thrive and I liked the idea of the WPT 500. It was a great price point for players that can’t play a 10k to get in there and have a chance at a major title and a nice six figure score. I just wanted to clear up some of my comments and explain the reasoning behind my views.”

You can read the full explanation for yourself, here.


According to a recent piece by the LA Times, amidst a gridlock on the freeway in Los Angeles that left thousands immobile for hours, a small group of frustrated motorists started playing a game of Texas Hold’em in the slow lane to pass time.

“These people set up a poker table and suggested people play Texas Hold’em with them”, said onlooker Sarah Jung, who posted a photo on Instagram that went viral.

People initially thought the man had set up a taco stand, but Jung clarified that it was in fact a poker table.

“Everyone seems to think it was a taco stand. I’d love to clear up the fact that it was actually a Texas Hold’em Table and not a taco stand”, she said.

The freeway was closed in both directions just before 4pm local time after a man was spotted standing on the ledge of an overpass. It took nearly three hours to detain the individual and start clearing the roads – plenty of time for a decent live session!


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