Alexonmoon Wins $104k As Big Games Continue

Alexonmoon was yesterday's biggest winner after a successful morning at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables

Once again the highstakes games were dominated by the 8-Game and 2-7 TD games over at Full Tilt, although there was also some good highstakes action over at PokerStars yesterday.

The biggest winner of the day was Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau, who was the biggest winner at the 2-7 Triple Draw games which ran for a couple of hours yesterday morning. After winning $116k inthe TD games, Luneau ended the day up $104.4k as he lost a small amount to Isildur1 in some lower stakes TD and 8-Game a little earlier in the morning.

Luneau's biggest table win was $96.6k, which he took from table Petre playing against samrostan, Kagome Kagome, Trueteller, Follow The Hawk, and thecortster.

There were some other winners from the TD sessions, with Kagome Kagome walking away an $89.9k winner and thecortster, who earned $83.9k from a little over an hours play. The big loser from the TD sessions was samrostan who dropped $196k in the games.

samrostan was also on the wrong end of the day's biggest table session as he lost $146.2k to Trueteller in some very early hours HU action at the 8-Game tables.

However, samrostan managed to claw back $75k of his daily losses late in the evening as this time it was his turn to win a HU 8-Game session against Trueteller. He also scooped the biggest pot of the day along the way:

Trueteller chooses the wrong time to bluff re-raise all in as samrostan had just turned the nut-straight to take this $116.4k pot

After his good +$146k start to the day, Trueteller ended just $1k up on the day after this loss to samrostan, and $70k of losses at the TD tables.

Although samrostan was the biggest loser over at Full Tilt, he was the biggest winner over at PokerStars, with a  $103.7k haul. Firstly he won $34.8k playing $200/$400 NLHE against Alex "Kanu7" Millar and Trueteller, before winning another $69k playing in the $400/$800 8-Game against Vladimir "GVOZDIKA55" Shchemelev and Alex "BiatchPeople" Luneau.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Alexonmoon +$104.4k

SamRostan +$103.7k

Kagome Kagome +$89.9k

thecortster +$83.9k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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