Phil Ivey Wins 10th WSOP Bracelet in $1500 8 Game Mix

Congrats to Phil Ivey, who once again has brought home the bacon at the WSOP with his 10th bracelet win

The one and only Phil Ivey has just taken down WSOP Event #50, $1500 8-Game Mix to bring home his 10th WSOP bracelet and the $167,332 first place prize money.

The $167k prize money will be dwarfed in comparison to the payday Ivey is rumoured to be picking up from many of his contemporaries after he once again made a series of big bracelet bets.

The day started with 14 players from the original 485 starters, with Ivey in 3rd and his friend and fellow big bracelet bet rival Daniel Negreanu in 10th place.

During the first level of the day three players departed, and shortly after next level started Ivey took down a series of big pots, including the elimination of Abdel Hamid in 10th place and a huge pot on the next hand against Dan Heimiller and Christoph Haller, both in the Stud 8 round. These pots enabled Ivey to take a commanding lead with close to 800k chips, with his nearest rival sitting on around just 250k.

Negreanu never managed to get anything going and was soon out, eliminated in 9th spot, losing his final 43k in the PLO round to Dan Heimiller.

Ivey held onto the lead for the next two hour, until eventually a good run of cards for Aaron Steury enabled him to briefly topple Ivey, by which time Alex Rocha, Christopher Haller, and Yuebin Guo had fallen by the wayside.

However, Ivey was back in front within 5 minutes, and within the hour had pushed on over the 1m chip mark. and after he eliminated Stephen Chidwick in 5th place Ivey held a 2:1 chip lead over his nearest rival.

Over the next hour, Bruce Yamron made a huge surge forward and shortly after the elimination of Aaron Steury in 4th place he found himself over 1m in chips, while Ivey had fallen to 670k. This was quite a feat considering as the unofficial final table started, Yamron was in last place with just 58k chips.

Yamron increased his lead, taking a big 2-7 Triple Draw pot from Heimiller. By this point he had 1.3m chips, almost double Ivey's total, with Heimiller on just 160k.

Ivey responded well, first taking a 2-7 pot from Yamron, then elimanting Heimiller as the play changed to NLHE as Heimiller open shipped with Kh 4h from the button and was called by Ivey in the big blind with Ah 6h. The Ac 8s 8c pretty much sent Heimiller to the rail in third.

Heads-up play started with Yamron a small leader with 1.135m to Ivey's 1.049m. The lead changed hands pretty swifty as Ivey four bet all in early on to take a 1.264m to 920k chip lead.

From this point on, Ivey dominated proceedings, taking several big pots in the Stud 8 round to take a huge 1.9m to 280k lead.

Yamron saw a glimmer of hope as a huge piece of luck gave him a timely double up. Ivey had bet all the way down the line, pairing 10's on 6th street and putting his opponent all in. Yamron held nothing but a gutshot straight draw and an overcard. Luckily for him, his Queen paired on the river to take him up to 560k.

That stroke of luck only slightly delayed the inevitable however, as Ivey was not going to be denied his next piece of jewellery by the former jewellery store owner, Yamron and two big pots in the Limit Omaha Hi/Lo round gave Ivey the title. On the final hand Ivey's two pair of Aces and Kings bested Yamron's Aces and 7's to land him yet another historic win.

Ivey now joins Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan on 10 bracelets, with just Phil Hellmuth ahead of him with 14 pieces of WSOP jewelery to his name, and Ivey has turned around what was looking to be a below par series into what would appear to be a very profitable one!



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