Isildur1 Wins $540k but lets a 7 figure day Slide

Isildur1 bagged another big win yesterday, although it could have been even bigger...

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom enjoyed his fourth successive winning day yesterday, winning a huge $540.2k after some big wins at the PLO tables. However, at one point he was up over $1m before a near $1/2m slump at the end of the evening at the FLO8 and 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

Blom's biggest win came from a 75 minute session of $300/$600 PLO, played heads-up against Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky. The pair played over two tables simultaneously, and Isildur1 both ran and played well to dominate the match, nearly always having the best of it during the big pots, including taking down the biggest three pots of the day:

Isildur1 check calls his way to the river after flopping a wrap draw and adding a flush draw on the turn. He then leads into Sauce1234 on the river after making his flush and picks up both the call and the $222.8k pot

Another wrap, another call on the flop and the turn, another draw completes on the river, and another shove is called by Sauce1234 as Isildur1 takes this $154.5k pot

Sauce1234 makes a play for this pot on the turn after making top pair with the nut flush draw on the turn. Isildur1 had turned top two pair and makes full houses on both runs of the river to take this entire $144k pot

In total, Isildur1 took $582k from Sauce123.

This wasn't Blom's first big PLO win of the day, however. He had already taken Norwegian pro no_Ola for $313k after a three hour, four table battle at the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables. Added to a $70k morning win at the 2-7 TD tables against Kagome Kagome and Blom was up over $940k by early evening.

Things started to go awry, however, when he moved to the limit tables. Isildur1 started to lose a little at two tables of 2-7 Triple Draw, one heads-up vs ragen70 and another four handed with Trueteller, samrostan, and ragen70.

Depsite losing over $100k between the tables, Blom then added a $2k/$4k FLO8 table, playing Kyle "KPR16" Ray heads-up, where he won $173k in just 25 minutes, putting him briefly over $1m for the day.

This was Isildur1's last hurrah though as he soon started to lose heavily at both TD and FLO8. In total he lost over $300k at the TD tables, with the big winners being Trueteller (+$231.2k) and ragen70 (+$149.3k), and ended up well down at FLO8 after losing all his profits back and more against KPR16. In fact, KPR16 ended as the day's second biggest winner as he beat both Isildur1 and samrostan in subsequent three handed FLO8 sessions, including a $330k win at table Dann, to end the day up $238k.

Isildur1's latest win has erased a little more of his 2014 deficit although he is still down $964.6k for the year. The win does, however, make him almost exactly even since the FTP relaunch back in late 2012.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$540.2k

KPR16 +$238k

Trueteller +$231.2k

ragen70 +$149.3k

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