PostflopAction Wins $318k Triple Draw Session vs Gus Hansen

PostflopAction's $281k win yesterday puts him up $600k over the last week

After a couple of great days at the tables in which he won over $1.2m, Gus Hansen has since lost back all his winnings and more after two disasterous days. Yesterday his biggest loss of the day was a -$317.7k session of $2k/$4k 2-7 TD played heads-up against PostflopAction, who ended as the day's biggest winner.

PostflopAction and Hansen played heads-up for over seven hours, with the Russian pro starting well before Hansen pegged him back to take a small lead of his own. After 3hrs 20mins play the pair were exactly even, but from here on in it was all about PostflopAction who piled on the pressure, eventually ending the session up $317.7k. PostflopAction's other game yesterday was a relatively small ($36k) loss at the 8-Game tables, and he ended the day up $281k.

The next biggest winner was Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, who recorded at $182.6k. Blom was actually up close to $300k after his first 2-7 TD sessions of the day, where he had three winning sessions, including a $149.5k three hour session at table Upper, where he played against Gus Hansen, samrostan, Osama_no_Brunch, and trex313. Blom's form fell off a little bit later in the day where he lost $60k at PLO playing against no_Ola, and $50k at FLO8 against Carlooo13.

The only other six figure winner from yesterday's high stakes games was Trueteller, who once again made all his profit from the Triple Draw tables, namely from a +$196.8k session at table Hunt  where he played against Isildur1, ragen70, samrostan, and Gus Hansen. Other losses, again at athe TD tables, limited Trueteller's daily profit to $111.5k.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

PostflopAction +$281k

Isildur1 +$182.6k

Trueteller +$111.5k

Carlooo13 +$78.6k

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