Exclusive €1000 HighstakesDB rake race on PokerXe, May 20th - June 15th

Play across 6 networks with one account
1000 euro exclusive race between May 20th - June 15th

HighstakesDB has teamed up with PokerXE to offer HighstakesDB readers up to 50% rakeback on all of PokerXe's poker networks, combined with an exclusive €1000 HSDB race, running between May 20th and June 15th.

To sign-up for the deal and join the race, all you need is a PokerXe account using the instructions you find via the link below. There are three different daily bonuses to choose from depending on how much you intend to play . Once your account is created and you have started playing your username will appear in the race standings the following day.

HSDB €1000 PokerXe rake race Standings - May 24th

Place Player Rake Prize
1 UTWUTW €116.51  €275
2 bigus2012 €11,75  €200
3 asdf456 €6,74  €150
4 BaasP €5  €100
5 mullabulla €4,94 €75
6 77scotsman €1,89 €60
7 (Open Slot) 0 €50
8 (Open Slot) 0 €40
9 (Open Slot) 0 €30
10 (Open Slot) 0 €20
11 (Open Slot) 0 -
12 (Open Slot) 0 -

Sign-up with PokerXe via this page to join the race

About PokerXe
PokerXe is a Malta-licensed poker room offering something so unique as access to 6 poker networks using just one single wallet. A deposit into PokerXe will let you move your play across all six networks to wherever you find the most fish at the moment. It is possible to play several networks simultaneously.

At PokerXe there are no withdrawal fees or cashout limits and live support is available 24/7. The 40-50% daily bonus can be cleared on all networks offered.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to use PokerXe's sponsored support forum.


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