Interview with Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson

Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson

In this old interview from 2006 we ask a few question to the back then relatively famous player Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson. Read how he moved up and down in stakes on his way up, and what he did with his money once he got there. Jonas is a bit of a joker so some of the replies should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

So Jonas, what do you do when you're not playing?

- Usually I play tennis, indoor bandy, football or workout at the gym. When I'm not doing that I drink beer or fuck. Sometimes I both fuck and play poker. You gotta try it! It's amazing! And of course as everyone else I also drink and play poker... My liver isn't feeling so great about it though... I pobably need a new one soon.

When and why did you start playing poker?

- I first started playing online in summer of 2004.

How did you build your initial bank roll?

- Me and a friend started playing stts and won a freeroll tournament at Ladbrokes. After that I continued to play freerolls and stts and slowly worked my way up. Sometimes between the stts started I played some cash games. First I layed full ring 0.25-.50NL. I didnt go well at all, so I tried 6-max and quickly found that that was my game! I usally bought in for the minimum (5 dollars) and found that it worked very well. Then I tried 0.5-1NL, it also worked out good!

At this time I had a roll of maybe 400 dollars. When I got home (to my hometown) from the university my friend had bought "supersystem". I read it and the content hit me like lightning! I took my 600$ roll and sat at 1-2NL for the first time and after 4 hours I had turned that into 1900 dollars!! From there on I knew I could make a living from poker. It was a great feeling, maybe my best poker moment... this happend in january 2005.

From here I moved up quickly, I moved up from 1-2 to 2.5-5 in the end of january with a 3500$ roll and managed to stay there. In february I moved to 5-10 and also managed to win and stay at that level. I played 5-10 and took some shots on 10-20 until april when I tried 15-30 with a 9000$ roll. I won 6K or someting there from my first session, altough I won from those few sessions a played at that stake the players where better than me and I soon moved down to 10-20 and 5-10 again.

I became full time pro in april 2005. The regulars at 10-20 was too tough for me so I moved down completly to 5-10 and played there for a year. This year was a frustrating year, it felt like every time I took a shoot at 10-20 I got burned, it was frustrating because I completly crushed the game at 5-10. I made $90K a month there for 6 months in a row. I couldnt believe the difference was so big between 5-10 and 10-20.

I played 5-10 until summer this year (2006) and took a break during the summer more or less. Instead I had the time of my life traveling with my friends from city to city and had a LONG summer party that seemed to never end. We drank and chased girls for like five days a week! I only played sporadicly when I was drunk and usally at 25-50NL!! I had emptied my account to buy an appartment so I only had a roll of $25K.

It worked good at first: I won some and lost some, pretty much even I think. But in July I lost and had my roll down to 4K!!! Now I didnt play much at all. Then in the end of august I had worked my roll up to 20 again from playing 5-10 sporadicly. When I came back to uppsala (where I now live) I started playing full time again. I started playing 10-20 with about $20K. It went well.. No more booze. I was sick of beer and liquor after drinking so much all summer.

Now in the beginning of September I ran really hot on 10-20. I started taking shots at 25-50. I remember playing pokergirl1. The first sessions he outplayed me bad. But I ran hot so I managed to get even somehow every time. Then the third session I think I came closer to him, I started to recognize how he thought. He still outplayed me that session but after that session I reviewed the hand history and later that night I dreamt of poker, the moment I closed my eyes from the moment I woke up it was only poker.

I have a great fighting spirit and heart. I swore that I would get better no matter what. After this night (i think it was in the begining of september) I crushed everyone I was faced against at ladbrokes at any stakes. Suddenly I had become so much better, most of the ladbrokes players didnt know what hit them and I recieved so much action because of my previous bad play. I felt immortal, unbeatable king of the world.

I made $700K in september I think, but then something dreadful happend. I was faced with a player that completly outplayed me. Kristian ulriksen. He destroyed me and I couldnt quit playing him. I lost $200K in one session I think and $500K in five days.

But now I won that back and more but I havent played so much lately becasu we go out and party alot again. Right now It's just so fun! I bought a ferrari 360 spider yesterday and girls are all over me;)

Where do you play right now? (Except Ladbrokes)

- A little on prima.

Describe yourself as a player with 3 words?

- Lucky, Heart and fighting spirit!

Which player(s) do you have most respect for?

- Thesalmon (who ever plays that account) and Kristian Ulriksen.

You were down a lot in October but came back with a great start in November. What do you do to get through the tough times?

-Ill send a copy of a post on 2+2 where I described in detail what I did:

And finally, what's your best tip for all railbirds that are dreaming of going pro?

-You have to want it hard. You have to sweat, bleed and cry to get better. Hard work and Iron will is what it takes to get there.


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