Interview with Terje "Terken89" Augdal

Terje "Terken89" Augdal

Terje "Terken89" Augdal is a young Norwegian professional that have been rising quickly up the ranks on the tables of the Microgaming Network. The Norwegian is normally relatively quiet regarding his play and life in general, but HighstakesDB has been lucky to get to ask a few questions to this Texas Hold'em specialist. Continue reading to learn at least a little bit more about Terken89.

First of all, a lot of people have been wondering about your age, is it correct that you are born 1989?

- Yes it's correct.

If you are only 18 a lot of people have to be wondering how you reached high stakes so early?

- I have been sharing account with someone else almost all the way until now, so I could play higher stakes without risking too much of my bankroll.

Did you have any problems on the way up, maybe some limits where you had to work harder?

- Had a bad downswing when playing underrolled on 25/50 in December and was almost busto, but grinded my way back up at the 2/4 NL games on Ladbrokes.

Is there any player you respect more than others, and have you been railing much high stakes yourself?

- Have never been very fond of railing, but I have railed Erik Riise some earlier since he is from the same city as me. LuckyULSA is also fun to watch.

- I think 5kaday is very difficult to play against, though we haven't played much against each other.

You have won a lot of money this year and are the current leader of our yearly results on Prima, are you investing some of this money or are you still using most of your money to build a larger bankroll?

- I haven't invested much yet, but I probably should.

What about your live experience, you have only been 18 for a couple of months, have you been playing any EPT or other events so far?

- I played side events in Dortmund because the main event was sold out, finished 5th. Went out early in EPT Monte Carlo when I lost all in preflop with AA vs KK in 52k pot at 50/100 blinds.

There's a lot of young players from Norway who are doing very well at the moment, do you have any explanation to this?

- Most of the young Norwegians are really aggressive and able to mix up their plays a lot. That makes it harder to put the player on a hand. We love putting people to the test. Giving them tough decisions.

What are your plans for the summer?

- Secret :D

What do you like to do when you are not sitting behind the computer and playing poker, do you have any other big interest?

- Have been playing football (soccer) since I was a little boy, but I got injured two years ago. Then I started playing poker instead of football. :)

You earlier told us that you had plans to start and play on Full Tilt Poker, so the last question, will we see you on $300/600 HU in the future? ;)

- Who knows. I actually hate FTP because it is so slow but all the action is there so I guess I have to play there as well ;)


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