HighstakesDB $3.30 iPad tournaments + new Heypoker race

iPad3 Tournaments on William Hill
$1,000 Point Race on Heypoker
New iPad to winner in each tournament

Compete for the new iPad and $500 guaranteed on Thursday the 12th and 26th of April when HighstakesDB team up with William Hill to offer our visitors two exclusive, HighstakesDB players only, tournaments.

For a low buy-in of $3.30 you will get to compete against other HSDB players for added value in excess of $1000, in each of the two tournaments.

If you're not a William Hill player already, create your account via HighstakesDB and enter the promo code "HSWH" when filling out your details. The first deposit will trigger $5 free added to your account, as well as a matched sign-up bonus up to $2000. To find the tournament - click the Tournament Lobby -> WH Exclusives.

iPad3 tournaments details:

Tourney name Date Time Buy-in Added value
HSDB iPad Blast #1 April 12th 21.00CET $3.30 iPad3 + $500 gntd
HSDB iPad Blast #2 April 26th 21.00CET $3.30 iPad3 + $500 gntd

For full details and terms and conditions, click here.

Exclusive $1000 Heypoker Race - April 10th to May 5th

Between April 10th and May 5th players signed up with Heypoker through HighstakesDB compete for $1000 of extra cash on top of Heypoker cashback and bonuses. The 12 players with the most poker points (3.6 points / $1 rake) within the race period get to share the prize pool. The previous race paid a whopping 60% extra rakeback on average.

 Place Player Points Prize
 1 (Open Spot) 0  $240
 2 (Open Spot) 0  $160
 3 (Open Spot) 0  $130
 4 (Open Spot) 0 $100
 5 (Open Spot) 0 $85
 6 (Open Spot) 0 $70
 7 (Open Spot) 0 $60
 8 (Open Spot) 0 $50
 9 (Open Spot) 0 $40
 10 (Open Spot) 0 $30
 11 (Open Spot) 0 $20
 12 (Open Spot) 0 $15

See the results in the previous race here

To become a Heypoker player through HighstakesDB, sign up here for Heypoker cashback. All your points will be tracked from the moment you sign up. Besides the benefit of winning race prizes, new players receive up to $2000 as a matched sign-up bonus and cashback up to 40%. 

Should you aim even higher, there are also two $6000 Heypoker races open for everyone in April. These races are run separately from HighstakesDB's own race and stacking prizes is possible. 


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