Hey! Hey! Hey! - It's Heypoker!

Heypoker is one of the fastest growing European poker sites on the ever popular Ongame network (also the home to sites such as Coral and Betfair) and offers players everything from a player pool which regularly hits 20,000 at peak times, a slick graphic interface, a wide range of games at a wide range of stakes (games regularly run from as low as $0.02/$0/04 up to $100/$200).

The client software itself offers resizeable tables, unlimited multi-table capabilities and a no-download option for those wishing to jump in and play in their browser. 

Through HighstakesDB you'll receive one of the best deals in the Ongame network via Heypoker; as well as offering VIP cashback of up to 40%, first time depositors can choose from five different sign up bonuses which offer up to a 200% bonus on deposits up to $2000. Make sure to check up the rake required to achieve the bonuses and choose the bonus that is right for you.

In HighstakesDB's exclusive $1000 Heypoker race you compete for cash prizes against other Hey-players signed up via HSDB. We have twelve spots to pay out in the current race which still has seven days left to run.  $2 in rake ($1 = 3.6 points) is enough for a $15 payout. If you are aiming for a larger payout $20 of rake gets you up to a $50 payout


Place Player       Points       Prize
1  torbay 1956  $240+$330 ticket
2 bambaa 590  $160
3 greggp 456  $130
4 ICanHasNutz 315 $100
5 lenurd 222 $85
6 nic1041 190 $70
7 banken 148 $60
8 retrej 63 $50
9 Anders77 55 $40
10 elenaandrei 25 $30
11 handsoulo 11 $20
12 aurevoire 6 $15
13 PrinsesKyra 1 $0
14 yoshi352000 1 $0

Follow the link to join the race and also claim your Heypoker deal through HighstakesDB.


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