Ballsrider +$730 000, Omaha PL 200/400 (2007-02-27)

About 12 hour session for ballsrider (we are almost sure this is David Benyamine) last night, he was up a total of $730,000 on the Omaha High PL tables! Basically David just won almost a million in the last 24 hours, pretty cool huh?

Ballsrider's biggest hands in the last 24 hours:

$167,000 Omaha $200/$400 pot
Patrik's draws not hitting
Nothing could stop ballsrider! Sick stack!

For this month, as we think Benyamine has 3 accounts on Full Tilt, his results on Omaha High PL tables are approx:

ballsrider: $1,216,000
Magicpitch1: $316,000
davidbenyamine1: $50,000

So it seems like he made one sick comeback after the big loss on Texas NL-tables, the king of swings!



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