Luckexpress wins a $304,000 pot (2007-02-25)

Big pots are what we're about, and again yesterday we witnessed one.

Luckexpress won a $304,000 pot on Prima (download RedNines, a Prima poker room) with the legendary hand, A-A (glad to see you can actually win pots with it).

Now, we cannot see what pucylucy had in this hand, but I got a feeling it was something good. Although when we move to the river, luckexpress has a flush, almost the nuts in other words. 

Here's the crazy $304k hand

Even though pucylucy lost that sick pot he was still up for the day after a very nice session against LrsLzk earlier on the day, here is the results from yesterday:

luckexpress: $151.043,06
pucylucy: $16.095,50



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