Who is "!P0krparty¡"?

Whenever a new and unknown player shows up at the higher stakes, some people become curious and starts to speculate. If this unknown player wins or loses significant sums, some people increases to a lot of people.

When these sums are beyond significant compared to the stakes, at stakes that varies from $0,25-0,50 and $8 buy in tournaments up to deep stacked short handed and heads up $50/100 PLO and NLHE simultaneously. In a fashion that's looser and more aggressive than most. This while putting in insane amounts of hands by playing way more tables for way more hours straight than anyone else. Then a lot of people suddenly grows to almost everyone.

Here are two interesting threads from 2+2, where the majority of posters seem to conclude that  the person behind the !P0krparty¡ nickname, is Harry Kaczka, who used to play under boobysmiles on stars and UgotaBanana on Full Tilt, this is just one rumor among others:

!P0krparty¡ thread

boobysmiles thread

Feel free to discuss this in our forum, is it Harry? Bill Gates? Isildur1's brother or do you have another tip?


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