Ilari FIN crushes the PLO ring games - wins $374k

A good day for mTw-DaviN
socutiesf is slipping...

The past few days have seen a decent amount of action at the $100/$200 PLO tables and yesterday was no exception.

As reported yesterday the games involving Terken89, socutiesf etc which spilt over from Wednesdays action saw a decent win for Terken89 and the start of a slump from the formerly high flying socutiesf. The games continued throughout the day with many players coming and going across the numerous sessions.

The biggest winner by a pretty wide margin was highstakesdb favourite Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies who won a very nice $374k in 1017 hands - working out at $368 for every hand he played. Sahamies made his profit in three distinct sessions, taking around $50k in the late night/early morning action. He then lost around over $80k in a late morning session before bouncing back with a quickfire $107k win in just 50 hands of $50/$100 HU PLO against calvin7vIlari's biggest win however came in two and a half hours playing the $100/$200 ring games where he took over $300k - it's also here where his biggest hands were reeled in.

Ilari FIN's biggest hands

Ilari's biggest hand sees him showing a rare straight flush against yesterdays big loser, socutiesf - $120k pot

Standard AIPF - Kings V Aces - $92k pot

These were by no means the biggest pots of the day however as there were a few $200/$400 games running yesterday, both at PLO and NLHE. The biggest pot of the day, unusually, came from the NLHE tables and was this $181k monster for call110.

It was also a good day for mTw-DaviN who took $184k, mostly from the $100/$200 PLO tables but decent results at $25/$50 and $50/$100 also added to his total winnings for the day, with call110 taking third spot on the days leaderboard, taking $147k in just 372 hands of $200/$400 NLHE.

Down at the wrong end of the results, socutiesf added to losses he made in the early hours eventually dropping $316k for the day - somewhat denting his good run of late.

Over at PartyPoker the biggest winner for yesterday was eon74 who, unusually for a top money winner from PartyPoker, plied his trade at the PLO tables ($25/$50)took the top spot, winning $19k with el_pescado99 losing $29k at $25/$50 NLHE.


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