!P0krparty¡ makes a splash at PokerStars in epic 36 hour session – wins $405k yesterday

Toweliestar also had a great couple of days at PokerStars

It seems a new highstakes player in the mould of XWINK and Isildur1 has entered the PokerStars highstakes fray.

!P0krparty¡ first came to a lot of peoples attention last week when he destroyed the $10/$20 PLO tables at PokerStars with an insane win rate - at one point as high as 23bb/100 over 23k hands, sitting with $288k across 10 tables. Since this epic heater !P0krparty¡ has obviously decided to ride his luck and two days ago embarked a marathon 36 hour session at the $50/$100 tables over at PokerStars.
As you might expect, anybody multitabling highstakes PLO for this length of time is likely to experience some crazy variance and swings - and this is of course what has happened. While !P0krparty¡ will certainly be pleased with his net result over the past two days (+$247k) in between the first an last of his 14,780 hands he went up $200k, down to $75k, then up to $330k profit before hitting a major downswing and dropping to -$200k before staging a fantastic comeback in the latter stages (including an admirable $134k win playing HU on four tables vs PepperoniF) to end up with his near quarter million dollar profit for the two days combined.

Speculation has been rife as to the identity of the Canada based player with some genuine guesses (a few saying it must be Harry Kaczka, otherwise known as "ugotabanana" on Full Tilt) alongside some amusing yet highly improbable theories - my personal favourite that based on a photo taken recently in London of Dan "Jungleman12", Luke Schwartz, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Sam Trickett sitting around a table hanging out together that !P0krparty¡ has to be the four of them playing in shifts!!
Whatever the identity of the mysterious !P0krparty¡ it is great to have a new character such as this arriving at the PokerStars highstakes tables to create action, gossip and opinion about the game we all love - certainly at a time when the negative press being generated on behalf of the increasingly corrupt looking Full Tilt Poker makes for such depressing reading.
In other news it seems that Benny "Toweliestar" Spindlers good form shows no signs of abating right now as he is currently almost $600k to the good in the past week - booking back to back six figure days for the 19th and 20th.
Biggest hands of !P0krparty¡'s marathon sessions
With these hands and this flop, this pot always looked likely to be a big one
 flops middle set and gets paid off by LrsLzk's undisclosed hand
gets somewhat lucky to river a gutshot to broadway having committed his chips with a naked flush draw


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