durrrr is back in business (2007-02-07)

It has been alot of rumours and discussions on different pokerforum that durrr has busted his bankroll but one thing is for sure. He is back in business this month:

Yesterday we had a pretty amazing results from durrr, +$247k on Texas Hold'em NL and +$166k on Omaha High Pot Limit and so far in february his total results is +$510k on the tables we have been monitoring. Well done durrrr!

Largest hands from both the Omaha and Holdem sessions:
Both player hit a nice flop! Don't we all love Omaha, $88 589
durrrr show us how to beat a flopped set, $92 379
Largest pot with durrrr, $129 357

Now, lets hope durrrr will stay on the top and continue to give us sessions like this! ;)

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