One of the best $300/600 HU this year!

We had one of the best HU so far this year, without doubt. It started with a HU between Patrik Antonius (Luigi66369) and 93TilInfinity where Luigi66369 first lost but then managed to win some nice hands and when 93TilInfinity quit Patrik had a $180k stack but just a $20k profit.

After a while durrrr joined the table and it was now the real action started. Patrik first won a buyin from durrrr but this didn't scare this 20 years old player, he just put in another $60k and we don't have to say anything, just look on these hands: 

Middleset by durrrr and he was back in business, $155k pot
Another set vs straight draw, $283k pot
Probably one of the best call this year, very sick $279k pot

durrrr was totally dominating this HU but Patrik managed to win some smaller pots and then after 300 minuts of playing he hit a monsterhand, actually the largest Texas Holdem NL hand in the Full Tilt Poker history: 

Luigi66369 hits the largest Texas Holdem NL hand on FTP, $378k pot

Shorty after this hand durrrr had to eat and he quit playing. Even though durrrr lost this last hand he had a profit on $112k on this table, and $27k on another $300/600 they were playing.

Hopefully we will soon see this guys in a new HU-battle!



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