The amazing $200/400 action continues

We had alot of great sessions on Omaha PL yesterday until early this morning. Brian Townsend, Patrik Antonius and David Benyamine hit alot of nice hands. It was also fun to see Tony G at the table:

Sbrugby vs David Benyamine in a very nice hand, $217k pot
Luigi66369 flopped the nuts vs durrrr, $147k pot
Tony G vs Luigi66369 in some nice action, $110k pot 

It was also some sick sessions on Texal NL, unfortunaly we missed some of this action but we are trying to catch up the results + the big hands we missed.

But still, from the sessions we observerd we saw some nice work from mjorgensen13, he played 5 sessions and won close to $250k. Another player which were doing well was Traheo.

Inside royal straight flush draw, $99k pot
mjorgenson13 hits two pair on a very scary board, $160k pot

New players joined the tables and the action continued until this morning. 93TilInfinity was doing very well and had alot of nice stacks but it was here we missed some of the action but we believe he was up about +$250k. Hewas probably much more up but in the end of the sessions Sbrugby hit some sick hands against him:

93TilInfinity hits the flush vs two pair, $82k pot
Sick pot between 93TilInfinity and sbrugby, $235k pot



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