Gus Hansen is up $3.1 Million in the last seven days

After Gus Hansens rough period, in March and April, he is now up $3.1 Million over the last seven days. This is surely one of the most profitable period of time that any pokerplayer have had.
Here are some of Gus biggest hands from this period:

Gus hits a nice river against MR B 2 U SON, $352k pot
Gus Hansen gets it in quite good against Urindagner´s AAxx. $273k pot
A pretty sick hand were both Gus and durrrr goes all-in on the flop with pretty light holdings, $256k pot

With this sick seven days of joy for Gus, he is now only less than $1 Million from his top note this year. Hopefully we will see as much action in May as we have seen the last couple of days.

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